Are Skin Tags Cancer


are skin tags cancer

When I first started getting skin tags, I didn’t know if they were a danger to me, or if they can become cancerous. I heard about skin cancer a lot and didn’t know if these growths, skin tags, can really harm me. It was one of those scary things that I didn’t want to think about much, so I just ignored them in a way. If you’re feeling the same, I can definitely relate to what you’re thinking and feeling. I did know one thing, I wanted to get rid of them!

Are skin tags cancer? No, skin tags are not cancer. In addition, skin tags cannot become cancerous like a mole can. Skin tags are typically harmless, and most people have them removed for cosmetic reasons. 

In this blog post, I’ll go into further detail about different ways a skin tag can change and what it means to you. In addition to cancer, I’ll let you know if skin tags are dangerous to you in any way. There are certain times a skin tag will become a medical problem that needs to be addressed, I’ll inform you how. Also, confusion over what a skin tag is or not, can make you ignore a serious skin problem.

Can Skin Tags Become Cancerous?

Skin tags are small tumors of the skin. Don’t let the word tumor scare you. Typically, tumors may be related to cancer but not all tumors are cancerous. Sometimes a skin tag will change its color. Unlike a mole, if a skin tag changes color, it is not becoming cancerous (resource). A skin tag can change color because its blood supply has been interrupted for some reason. I wrote a whole blog post on black skin tags and why they can change color. The blog post is in this same website and can be read here.

Skin tags can appear anywhere but are mostly found on eyelids, armpits, groin, neck, back and anywhere there are skin folds. Skin tags start small and grow in size. They are raised from the surface of the skin and hang on fleshy stalks. Just like with the color of a skin tag, if it changes in size, it’s not becoming cancerous (resource). Skin tags are mostly formed because of skin rubbing on other skin and friction from clothing. In addition, they can form because of pregnancy related hormones and insulin resistance.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous?

Skin tags are usually harmless, and most people remove them for cosmetic reasons. Now here’s the bad news about skin tags. The 1st bad thing is sometimes, due to their location, they can get irritated, bleed and become infected. This happens by being rubbed on by tight clothing or sometimes jewelry (resource). If this is happening to you, your health insurance will likely cover the cost of a skin tag removal in this situation. Either way, if your skin tag is constantly getting irritated, you’ll want to visit a dermatologist.

skin tags dangerous
Skin Mole

The 2nd bad thing about skin tags are more serious skin conditions can sometimes look like skin tags. If you already have skin tags, it’s possible what you think are skin tags, may be something else. If you have multi-colored growths that bleed or grow quickly you may want to see a doctor and have it checked out.

If your skin tags are bothering you for any reason and you want to remove them there’s a solution on how to get rid of your skin tags naturally at home. You can visit my review, in this same website by clicking here.

Related Questions

Are skin tags itchy? Typically, skin tags are not itchy and other than being visible you don’t know they exist. There are times when a skin tag can become irritated, bleed or infected. If this happens to you, it’s possible the skin tag may itch from irritation.

Why won’t my skin tag stop bleeding? If a skin tag is bleeding, typically it’s because its being irritated from friction caused by tight clothing or jewelry. Constant bleeding can lead to infection so you’ll want to visit a dermatologist for treatment.


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