Cutting Skin Tags Off With Nail Clippers

cutting skin tags off with nail clippers

There are many reasons why someone may choose to remove their skin tag at home. I can understand why they would. Going to a doctor may be embarrassing, costly or an inconvenience. For these reasons many people resort to home remedies, like cutting skin tags off with nail clippers.

Cutting skin tags off with nail clippers is a home remedy for skin tag removal. It’s a removal method that shouldn’t be conducted because it includes risks. There is risk of uncontrolled bleeding, infection or pain. Skin tag excision, cutting one off, should only be done be a physician in a sterile environment.

This blog post will explain cutting a skin tag with nail clippers in more detail. In addition, I’ll explain how people try to do it safely and the consequences which may occur.

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Cutting Skin Tags Off With Nail Clippers

I’ve heard of many people trying this removal method at home. Most of them claim success but don’t describe what happened during their procedure. To avoid risk, they try the following:

  • Cleaning the area with alcohol prior to cutting.
  • Cleaning the nail clippers with alcohol or buying new clippers and cleaning them.
  • Having bandages and cloths available for use immediately after cutting.
  • Cutting the skin tag at the sink so it can be cleaned right away.
  • Applying hydrogen peroxide after cleaning, although it shouldn’t be used to treat deep wounds.
  • Applying pressure to stop the bleeding.
  • Elevating the area above the heart to slow down the bleeding.

While these steps may help, it is still not recommended to cut off your skin tags with nail clippers 1. The next topic is risks which may occur.

skin tag removal
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Risks Involved When Cutting Skin Tags With Nail Clippers

Many people have sent me messages about having success with this removal method but never seem to describe what consequences may have occurred while performing it 2. I ask, but they never seem to respond. I think it’s because their experience wasn’t a pleasurable one. In addition, instead of a skin tag, they may be left with something else in its place that will last forever! Keep reading and I’ll explain.

Pain: It’s going to hurt if you cut your skin tag with a nail clipper. Even if the stalk of the skin tag is narrow, there’s still going to be a lot of pain involved. Have you ever wondered if a skin tag has nerves? You can find out if my blog post, Do Skin Tags Have Nerves.

Uncontrolled bleeding: Cutting your skin will result in bleeding that may not stop. The bigger the stalk, the more bleeding there’ll be. If the cut is too big, it may not stop and require stitches. Most people will cover it with a bandage and hope it eventually stops. Even dermatologists sometimes have to stitch a clean cut they make with a scalpel after cutting a skin tag.

Infection: This may occur for various reasons 3:

  • Unsterile clippers.
  • Unsterile environment.
  • The longer a wound takes to heal, the more chance it gets contaminated.
  • Removing the bandage too soon before its had a chance to fully heal.

Scarring: Cutting your skin tag with nail clippers increases the chance of a scar forming. A large wound, longer healing process and jagged cut can all increase the risk of ending up with a scar. If your skin tag was in a visible location, a scar would be visible for life.

nail clippers skin tag

Alternatives To Cutting Skin Tags With Clippers

The home removal method that doesn’t involve cutting with nail clippers. It’s all natural and thousands have had success. Learn more in the finder’s website by clicking here.

Visiting a dermatologist and seek a recommendation. They typically have three common removal methods:

  1. Freezing it off, also known as cryotherapy 4. A freeze spray is used which freezes the tag and kills the cells. They typically fall off after a few days.
  2. Burning it off, also know as cauterization. A cautery tool is used to burn through the base of the skin tag which immediately removes it 5.
  3. Cutting it off with a scalpel or surgical scissors. The skin tag is removed immediately and sometimes requires a stitch to allow proper healing 6.

Wrapping Up

Many people consider many home removal methods for skin tags. One of them is cutting it off with nail clippers.

Cutting your skin tags off with nail clippers should not be considered a skin tag removal tool.

It comes with many risks. One may include replacing your skin tag with a permanent scar. In addition, you may have a cut that won’t stop bleeding. Even worse, you may end up with an infection.

Other than natural methods at home, visiting the dermatologist is the better choice.


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