Do Skin Tags Have Nerves

do skin tags have nerves

When I had skin tags, sometimes I would touch them and didn’t feel a thing. It’s as they were numb but there were other times when they caused me some pain. You may have seen a doctor numb one prior to cutting it off, to help ease the pain. Have you ever wondered what a skin tag consists of? Does it have everything a finger or toe has, like nerves?

Do skin tags have nerves? A skin tag does not contain nerves. They consist of loose collagen fibers and blood vessels surrounded by skin. Skin tags do not typically cause pain or discomfort unless the skin becomes irritated or it is pulled on or twisted. This may cause pain to the normal skin of the body, where the skin tag is attached.

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Other than seeing skin tags in the mirror or directly with your eyes, you wouldn’t even know they were there. A friend of mine only had one skin tag. It was located in the middle of his back along the spine. While twisting his torso looking in the mirror, it was extremely hard for him to see. He used to wonder why he can lay down on it or touch it with a back brush and not feel it.

Another friend of mine had more than one skin tag and unfortunately for him, he would feel some pain and discomfort on some of them. Why was he feeling discomfort by something that had no nerves? I’ll tell you all about the composition of skin tags, when they can cause pain and why.

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What Skin Tags Are Made Of

Skin tags also know as acrochordons, have an epidermis on the outside. The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin. It’s what you see when you look at a skin tag or anywhere else on your skin. Underneath the outer skin layer, they have collagen fibers and blood vessels. Skin tags do not have any nerves 1.

Why Skin Tags Hurt If They Don’t Have Nerves

When A Skin Tag Gets Removed: Your body’s skin, where the tag attaches, contains nerves which can cause pain. When a skin tag is cut off, burned or froze, the skin with the nerve endings at the base is affected.

I’ve removed skin tags in the past by tying it with a thin string. I would pull on the string as much as possible to make it as tight as I could. This would cut off the blood supply to the skin tag. When I did this, it pulled on my body’s skin where the skin tag attached and caused me pain in the beginning. I have a free ebook which explains how I did this in complete detail, with pictures. You can get the instant PDF download by clicking right here.

Disclaimer: Before trying any home method to remove a skin tag, contact a doctor first for a consultation.

When a skin tag gets infected: If a skin tag is in the right location, it may get rubbed by tight clothing, jewelry or another object. If the rubbing of the skin tag is repeated, the skin can break and cause the skin tag to bleed. Sometimes the skin tag can become inflammed 1.

Skin tag location: Just like when a skin tag gets infected, it can be in a location where it gets tugged on, rubbed or twisted. Sometimes, it can get snagged on jewelry, like a necklace. When this occurs, the normal skin at the base of your skin tag also gets pulled on, causing you pain. It’s much easier for that skin to cause discomfort because of its nerves.

Skin Tag Removal Methods That Can Cause Nerve Pain

The following are typical removal methods 2. All 3 of these methods, performed by a dermatologist, involve disturbing the skin where your skin tag attaches to your body. That skin contains nerves, and like the skin tag has blood vessels, fibers and cells.

Surgery: The doctor will remove your skin tag by cutting it off with a scalpel or surgical scissors. Before doing that, he/she will clean the area and numb it with an injection. Depending on the size of the skin tag and cut, it may require a stitch or two.

Freezing: This method, also known as cryotherapy, involves freezing the skin tag to kill it. The skin tag is sprayed with cold liquid nitrogen which kills the cells of the tag 3. The temperature of the liquid nitrogen is about 320 degrees below zero. It gives me the chills thinking about it.

Burning: This method, also called cauterization, uses a cautery tool that burns the skin tag off. The tool burns right through the skin where it attaches to your body, removing the skin tag instantly 4. The heat can be used to close off the wound and stop the bleeding. Typically, an ointment will be applied and covered with a bandage.

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