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get rid of skin tags overnight

As someone who once had skin tags for the longest time I tried all the possible solutions out there to get rid of them. So I Can understand how annoying they are and wanting to get rid of them. If someone was promoting a quick overnight fix, like get rid of skin tags overnight, why not give it a try?

Many home remedies on skin tag removal claim that you can get rid of skin tags overnight, is it really possible? The following four skin tag home remedies claim that they can. I put them to the test and tried all four of them myself. Therefore keep reading because I’m going to inform you what they are and what happened to me when I tried them.

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I tried each home remedy once a week. I wanted to apply the home remedies on the same skin tag so I didn’t want to risk irritating my skin. I also wanted to give the skin tag some to time to fall off. Even though these are overnight remedies, I wanted to see if the skin tag might fall off after 2 or 3 days instead of overnight.

If I tried each remedy out on consecutive nights and the skin tag fell off after the 3rd night how would I know which remedy was responsible for the skin tag removal? In that situation it could have been the home remedy used the 1st night even though it was days later. So trying each remedy on the same day, a week apart, seemed to make the most sense for me.

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The 1st Skin Tag Overnight Method

The first overnight method I tried featured toothpaste as the main ingredient. I followed the instructions and mixed toothpaste with baking soda and castor oil. Depending on the recipe I found the amounts of each ingredient were different and some didn’t specify how much to use at all. I used just the right amount of castor oil, so it wasn’t too watery and more like a paste.

I applied the paste to my skin tag and covered it with a bandage. According to the solution the skin tag was supposed to be dry and ready to fall off the very next day. When I removed the bandage, my skin tag didn’t fall off and looked the same as it did the day before. It didn’t even appear to be dry. Also, my surrounding skin didn’t seem to change, get red or dry out.

It seems that all the people who recommend this skin tag removal method seem to use Colgate toothpaste. I couldn’t find any videos or articles where someone used a brand other than Colgate. So for that reason I used Colgate also even though no one mentions why they use that brand and not others.

how to get rid of skin tags overnight


2nd Overnight Skin Tag Home Remedy

I found another method that said to crush a clove of garlic, apply it to the skin tag, cover it with a bandage and it would be gone overnight. I followed this extremely easy home remedy. I purposely cooked a dinner that night that required some crushed garlic so I was able to knock out 2 birds at the same time! After dinner, I applied the crushed garlic to my skin tag, covered it with a bandage and later went to sleep.

The next day after removing the bandage my skin tag was still attached and seemed unchanged. My surrounding skin didn’t seem to be any different either. It wasn’t red, dry or irritated but the smell of my skin did remind me of last nights dinner! By the way, if you haven’t guessed already, my dinner was Italian which is one of my favorites.

3rd Overnight Home Remedy

The 3rd get rid of skin tags overnight method said to apply a banana skin to the skin tag. You’ll leave it on overnight and the next day it should be gone. Some of the home remedies I came across just used a banana and others said to try a banana with castor oil or some other popular liquid. Since I was already using these other liquids, like castor oil, in the other remedies, I decided to go with just the banana.

This night we made banana splits for desert! We used vanilla ice cream, crush nuts, chocolate syrup, whip cream and boy was it good. Anyway, we had plenty of banana peels left over. I cut off a small square section of it and applied it over the skin tag and secured it with a large bandage. The next day, I removed the bandage, and my skin tag was still there, looked the same and didn’t fall off. Again my surrounding skin wasn’t any different either.

get rid of skin tags overnight

4th Overnight Skin Tag Remedy

The 4th overnight method said to mix castor oil and baking soda. You’ll apply it to the skin tag and cover it with a piece of plastic wrap and a bandage. Most of the research I did seemed to agree that the amount of castor oil used would be just enough to make the mixture into a thick paste.

This night nothing I was going to cook involved baking soda and we decided to order out. The broiled Salmon with rice and vegetables on the side was absolutely delicious! After dinner I made my baking soda and castor oil paste. I applied it to my skin tag, covered it with a piece of plastic wrap and secured it with a large bandage. The next day I removed the bandage but my skin tag looked the same and didn’t fall off. The surrounding skin didn’t look or feel any different.

My Findings

Unfortunately for me these 4 overnight home remedies did not work but some others have claimed its worked for them. I wish they would have worked because it would make getting rid of skin tags overnight extremely easy. These 4 skin tag home remedies seemed too good to be true and for me they were.

I researched and couldn’t come up with any scientific backing or documented results that these home remedies actually work. There were a bunch of videos, but the people in the videos didn’t remove a skin tag and just explained the process without showing any evidence. It’s up to you if you want to give it a try. What do you have to lose?

Other than going to a Dermatologist the “Tying Off” always worked for me at home. I detail that method, step by step, in my ebook which you can get by clicking here, it’s free. It doesn’t always work for others depending on the skin tag location and the base. If that’s the situation with you, try this better solution below that also worked for me.

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skin tag removal methodRelated Questions

What are skin tags? Skin tags are small tumors of the skin. They are balls of skin that hang from the surface of the skin from a narrow or thick base called a stalk. Skin tags are usually skin colored but can also be darker or change in color over time.

They can appear anywhere on your body but are mostly found on your neck, eyelids, armpits, groin, back and mostly anywhere there are skin folds. Skin tags start small and grow in size. They are not harmful to you unless they are getting irritated from other skin, clothing or jewelry. Most people get them removed for cosmetic reasons but sometimes it’s due to the irritation.

I wrote an article that covers everything you need to know about skin tags. It includes when they can become an infection and more. It’s in this same website and you can read about it by clicking here.

What causes skin tags? The following are the 3 most common causes of skin tags:

Friction: 2 types of friction can cause skin tags. Skin rubbing on other skin or clothing rubbing on your skin. Skin rubbing on other skin is why skin tags are mostly found around skin folds like the neck and armpits. Tight clothing like bra straps or tight collars, constantly rub on the skin which can cause skin tags over time.

Insulin resistance: Some numerous studies show an association between skin tags and insulin resistance. One of them, a 2010 study, reported that the presence of multiple skin tags were associated with insulin resistance, a high level of body fat and fat cells in the blood.

Pregnancy: There are two possible reasons why pregnancy can cause skin tags. The first is due to hormonal changes. The second is due to weight gain which causes more fat folds and tighter clothing that start to rub on the skin, especially around bra straps.


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