How Skin Tags Get Infected

can skin tags get infected

The majority of the time, a skin tag will be fine and won’t ever become a problem. Other than a visible annoyance and the psychological effect they may have, a skin tag won’t even hurt you. But there are times when one can get infected.

Can skin tags get infected? Skin tags can get infected if a wound forms from a constant rubbing, friction or cutting it off. If the cut is done improperly or the open wound is uncleaned or protected, it may get infected.

There is more than one way this can happen. This blog post will explain all of them to you. In addition, I’ll tell you how to avoid this from happening to you.

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How Skin Tags Can Get Infected

Cutting It Off

For any number of reasons, some people may decide to cut off their skin tag. I can understand why someone would do this. There may be a health plan issue or the price to get it cut off is too much. Then there’s the headaches of scheduling a doctor appointment around work, traveling to the appointment, wait times and copays.

Even though I completely understand all of that, cutting your skin tag off at home comes with risks and I don’t recommend it. The first risk is infection. A doctor’s office is a sterile environment and the tools being used are sterilized. The same cannot be guaranteed when using a sharp kitchen knife or nail clippers no matter how much you clean it.

Another risk is uncontrolled bleeding when cutting it off. I’ve seen doctor’s use one or two stitches after cutting off a skin tag, especially if the skin tag was fairly big. The size of the cut left behind may be too big for it to heal without a stitch. If this happens to you at home, the open wound will take forever to heal. This puts you at risk for an infection over time, while exposed to dirt and bacteria.

Possible solutions: The first one is simple, do not cut it off at home. If you’d still rather take care of it at home, you can try this natural method that doesn’t involve cutting. It’s worked for some in just 3 days. You can check it out by clicking right here. If it’s the health insurance that’s the problem, you can check out this health plan service that many people I know have used. It can find you an affordable or temporary health plan so you can take care of your skin tags or any other issues. You can check it our by clicking here or the image right below this paragraph.

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Constant Friction or Rubbing Can Cause An Infection

I’ve had skin tags located in a place on my body where I know it was being rubbed by clothing all the time. For whatever reason it never bothered me. Then there’s other times you may not be so lucky and the skin tag is getting irritated from it. Another reason it can irritated, is from a piece of jewelry you’re wearing like a necklace.

The constant rubbing can get so bad that the skin on the skin tag gets worn and forms a cut. Some times this can be fixed by covering the skin tag with a bandage or removing the jewelry that caused it. The rubbing and friction may continue, which doesn’t allow the skin tag to heal 100%. This leaves the wound exposed and subject to dirt, bacteria or chemicals which can cause an infection.

Possible solutions: Some times this can be fixed by covering the skin tag with a bandage or removing the jewelry that caused it. Another option is replacing the jewelry with another piece that may not rub on the skin tag the same way. If tight clothing is the problem, you can try clothing more that fits more loose or has a softer material. And lastly, you can have the irritated skin tag removed.

Skin Tag Infection Warning

If your skin tag has become infected or irritated for any reason, especially other than rubbing or friction, changed color or has become painful, seek medical advice. Even though skin tags are not cancerous, maybe what you think is a skin tag is really something else.


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