How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags With Keto

keto for skin tags

The Keto diet has been getting a lot of press these days and there are a ton of YouTube videos on it. Many people are making a living off the Keto diet. There are so many benefits such as losing weight, heart health and fatty liver to name a few.

Can you get rid of skin tags with a Keto diet? One of the main skin tag causes is insulin resistance. Studies have shown a strong association between skin tags and insulin resistance. Since a low carb approach to eating, like the Keto diet, can help with insulin resistance, a Keto diet is beneficial to preventing skin tags. 

Keto has many benefits that you hear about everyday but I bet you didn’t know that it can help prevent skin tags. Skin tags can be a frustrating problem, and if there’s another way to prevent them I didn’t hear about before, I’m interested!

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skin tags and Keto diet
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Insulin Resistance & Skin Tags

There are 3 common causes of skin tags. The first one is friction, either by clothing against your skin or skin rubbing on other skin. This mostly occurs in skin folds, especially ones caused by excess body fat. It’s a main reason why skin tags are mostly found around armpits, groin, eyelids and thighs (resource). Tight clothing like shirt collars or bra straps cause excess friction on the skin and explains why skin tags are found on the neck and close to underwear straps and elastic bands.

Another cause is a side effect of pregnancy due to weight gain and hormone changes. The excess weight gain causes more skin folds and makes clothing tighter than before. Studies have shown a link between pregnancy hormones like leptin (resource) and estrogen (resource) with skin tags.

Insulin resistance is another cause of skin tags. This is the reason why the Keto diet is beneficial with preventing skin tags. Insulin resistance occurs when your body’s cells are not responding the right way to insulin. Excess glucose in the blood reduces the ability of the cells to absorb and use blood sugar for energy. This condition can lead to diabetes. While skin tags alone are not considered dangerous, insulin resistance can increase cardiovascular mortality risk.

There are numerous studies that link insulin resistance and skin tags.

  • In 1976, one of the first studies to link insulin resistance and skin tags, found that 9% of 500 hospitalized patients, of which 72% had Type 2 Diabetes, had skin tags (resource).
  • In 1987 a study of 216 patients with skin tags concluded that skin tags were associated with impaired carbohydrate metabolism (resource).
  • In 2010 a study of 98 adults that had more than 5 skin tags was conducted. The results showed that the presence of multiple skin tags were strongly associated with insulin resistance (resource).

In addition, it has been published that diagnosing skin manifestations accurately, like skin tags, can help get faster treatment for people with insulin resistance. The faster diagnosis can decrease their risk of getting diabetes (resource).

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Improve Insulin Resistance With A Low Carb Keto Diet

They are several ways to prevent insulin resistance such as making changes to your diet with low carbohydrate options. Every time you eat carbs and it doesn’t matter what type of carbs, you trigger an insulin response. The more carbs and sugar you eat, the more glucose gets released into your blood and therefore more insulin too.

In addition, the extra glucose and glycogen in your body can get stored in your body as fat. We already know excess body fat can cause skin tags by having more skin rubbing on other skin because of fat folds.

So when you’re insulin resistant, carbs are your worst enemy. A low carb approach, like the Keto diet, to eating can improve your insulin resistance (resource) therefore preventing more skin tags. A Keto diet involves reducing your carbohydrate intake and replacing it with more fat. The reduction in carbohydrates puts you into a metabolic state called ketosis. Keto diets can drastically reduce your blood sugar and insulin levels. It’s similar to how Apple Cider Vinegar may help with skin tag removal and it’s not by putting it on your skin tag. If you’re interested in reading my blog post about that, click here.

Keto Diet Basics

The standard Keto diet can help reduce skin tags and includes the following nutrient breakdown. The diet includes about 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbohydrates.

Foods To Eat While On Keto

  • Fish like salmon, tuna and trout.
  • Meat including red meat, chicken, bacon and turkey.
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Healthy oils like olive or avocado oil.
  • Butter and cream.
  • Nuts including almonds and walnuts.

Foods To Avoid On Keto

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Cereals
  • Unhealthy fats
  • Sugar foods
  • Potatoes
  • Large portions of fruit

Keto Snack Ideas

  • Cheese
  • Nuts
  • Strawberries and cream
  • Olives
  • Low-carb shake made with almond milk.
  • Dark chocolate.

Eating Out On A Keto Diet

If you’re serious about preventing more skin tags, stick to your Keto diet while dining out. Follow these tips when eating at a restaurant.

  • Order meat dishes, like steak or fish. Substitute potatoes or rice with vegetables.
  • Order a cheese platter if they have it on the menu for dessert.
  • Eat burgers without the bun and substitute the fries with veggies.
  • Order egg omelets with cheese and veggies but stay away from the home fries and toast.

Helpful Tips For Keto

  • If you find a sugar craving is too hard to avoid, you can substitute sugar with stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener without sugar.
  • Increase potassium which can help lower insulin. Make sure you get potassium from plant based foods like cruciferous vegetables.
  • Get regular physical activity every day. Exercise can help lower insulin resistance. Start with easy exercises and attempt to get 20-30 minutes of physical activity a day.
  • Lowering stress levels can help reduce insulin resistance. Massage, breathing exercises, meditation, yoga and changing bad habits can help reduce your stress.

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