Skin Tags Under The Arm

skin tags under the arm

Many skin tags show up under the arm. How to get rid of skin tags comes with a struggle and this is no exception. Because of its location, its hard to perform removal methods on your own. Typically, they require the use of two hands which is impossible without someone else helping you. I’m speaking from first hand experience because I once had skin tags. I did my best to try to forget them, but I really just wanted them to go away.

Why do people get skin tags under the arm? People get skin tags under the arm because they routinely show up in places where there is repeated friction against your skin. In this situation, it’s skin rubbing on other skin. Other causes can be insulin resistance and an increase in pregnancy hormones. 

For some people skin tags under the arm are the last ones they get removed. This is because most of the time they are not visible unless your arms are raised up. They still bothered me because every morning when I put on deodorant, I could see them in the mirror. Also, there were times at the pool I wanted to interlock my hands behind my head while laying down in the lounger. Instead, I kept my arms down because I didn’t want people to notice my skin tags.

This blog post will cover 3 at home methods that people commonly use to remove skin tags under the arm. The 2nd method can be done by yourself, while the other two require the assistance of a friend or family member.

1st Home Method For Skin Tag Removal

The 1st method people use for under arm skin tags is cutting it off. People are more willing to try this method because if there’s a scar it’s usually not visible. I do not recommend cutting a skin tag off at home. There are many risks involved like bleeding, infection and scarring (resource). In addition, the wound is constantly being rubbed by your arm while trying to heal.

If you plan on trying it, this is how most people perform the method. First clean the area with alcohol and sterilize the device you’re going to use for cutting. Most people use scissors or nail clippers. The next step is to numb the area, most people use ice. Even numb, be prepared for some pain, it’s going to hurt. Tweezers can be used to pull the tag away from the surface of the skin while snipping it off.

cutting skin tag

2nd Skin Tag Removal Method

The 2nd method is to apply a chemical purchased in the pharmacy or online. Make sure the item you buy is specifically made for skin tags. First the skin tag and surrounding area must be cleaned with alcohol, sometimes they supply a wipe. Next, spread vaseline or a substance they provide on the skin surrounding the skin tag to protect it from the chemical. Lastly, apply the chemical to the skin tag with a cotton swab. Depending on the directions, after some time, you’ll clean the skin tag and the surrounding skin. The skin tag should die and fall off after about a week. From my experience, sometimes a repeat application is needed, especially if your skin tag is large.

3rd Skin Tag Removal Method

The 3rd method is the dental floss method. This involves tying a thin string or dental floss around the base of the skin tag. This will cut of the blood supply causing it to die and fall off in about 7-10 days (resource). It’s important to tie the knot as close to your skin as possible near the base so you can get as much of the skin tag as possible. It’s also important to tie it as tight as possible so the blood flow will be cut off. You’ll probably need the help of a family member or friend to tie it for you. This method works best if your skin tag has a narrow base with a visible stalk.

There’s another removal system you can use at home. It’s all natural, safe and some people have removed skin tags in 3 days. You can check out my review post, in this same website, by clicking here.

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How can skin tags under the arm be prevented? Skin tags under the arm may be prevented by sticking with the following habits (resource):

  • Avoid tight clothing, especially bra straps and tight shirts.
  • Don’t perform repetitive movements with your arms that creates more friction under your arms.
  • Keep your under arms dry and use baby powder.
  • Eat a better diet and lose body fat, so you don’t have a fat fold under your arm area.

remove skin tags

Disclaimer: Skin tag removal should only be performed by a medical professional. Always seek advice from a dermatologist prior to performing any removal methods on your own.


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