Why Your Skin Tag Hurts and Is Painful

skin tag hurts

I always try looking at the positive side of things, even with skin tags. Most of the time skin tags are not painful and other than seeing them you wouldn’t even know they’re there. I can remember touching mine to see how they feel and I didn’t feel anything, almost like it was numb. But for a few people, they are not so lucky. In addition, to having something they don’t want, their skin tag hurts.

Why does your skin tags hurt and are painful? Skin tags can hurt if they are subject to friction, getting snagged or cut. Things like tight clothing, jewelry, shaving and other items or actions can cause the skin tag pain. This can make it bleed, irritated or infected if it’s not treated quickly.

The friction, snagging and cuts can occur for a number of reasons which I’m going to cover in this blog post. I’ll also give you tips on how to avoid this from happening to you. In addition, I’ll let you know what to do if you can’t stop the irritation. There’s also a big mistake some people are making in this situation which can lead to dangerous results. I’ll inform you what it is and how not to do it yourself.

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Reasons Why Your Skin Tag Hurts

Friction From Tight Clothing

Tight clothing can cause friction on the skin tag. Collars, sleeves, underwear, shirts or pants when tight can cause repeated or excess friction on a skin tag. When a skin tag is constantly rubbed, just like any other part of your skin, it can become irritated.

Another way clothing can cause friction is from repeated movements. This happens a lot if your job involves a repeated movement like lifting an item up or down. The same movement repeating over and over can cause a tight part of your clothing to rub on your skin tag. A dermatologist once noted a series of skin tags along a woman’s bra line. It was due to her job which involved repeated overhead lifting of her arms. If this is happening often, the skin tag can get so irritated it may cut and start to bleed. If this is ignored and allowed to continue, the skin tag may become infected.

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This mostly occurs with necklaces but can happen with bracelets and watches. The jewelry can rub on a skin tag that is close by and cause irritation. In addition, jewelry can get snagged on a skin tag or pull on it. This is more likely to happen if the jewelry is tight fitting on the skin.

Cut While Shaving

This is most likely to happen to a woman when shaving her underarms or to a man when shaving his neck area. This can be painful because it’s the same as getting cut by an object on any part of your skin. If the skin tag is big enough, it can bleed a lot and hurt. What’s even worse, is if this happens over and over to the same skin tag.

Skin Tag Gets Twisted

A skin tag, when left alone will not hurt you. But if the skin tag gets twisted for some reason, it pulls on the skin tag and surrounding skin which can cause some pain. This becomes an annoyance is the skin tag stays twisted or is twisted repeatedly. Most of the time the skin tag will return back to normal and not bother you anymore.

Your Skin Tag Hurts Because It’s Not A Skin Tag

Yes, this doesn’t really count as a skin tag causing pain but I bring it up for an important reason. Many times people think what is hurting them is a skin tag but it’s not. Skin growths are often misdiagnosed as skin tags when they are really something else.

When it’s a mole, it can turn into a serious situation that needs to be addressed immediately. While skin tags are not cancerous, a mole can become cancer over time. If you are not sure what your skin growth is or it changes color, you should always get it checked out by a doctor.

Another way a skin tag can be mistaken is when people think they have an anal skin tag but it’s really a hemorrhoid causing them pain. Although a hemorrhoid is rarely dangerous, some treatments can lessen and get rid of the pain. By thinking it’s a skin tag can cause you more pain than needed by not treating it correctly.

What You Should Do If Your Skin Tag is Painful

Remove The Reason: If its tight clothing causing your skin tag to hurt, don’t wear it for know. Switch over to looser fitting clothes. If you prefer tight clothing, keep wearing them but make sure the tight area is not pressing on a skin tag causing pain or irritation. The same with jewelry, if a certain piece is rubbing on a skin tag consider not wearing it for know.

Cover It With A Bandage: This might be a temporary fix to your problem. It’s possible to cover a skin tag with a bandage protecting it from rubbing and further irritation. This is more of a likely solution if your skin tag is not in a visible area.

Have The Skin Tag Removed: If your skin tag hurts and is causing you pain, your best long-term solution is to have it removed. Most health insurance will not cover a skin tag removal but if it’s causing you pain, they will. If you don’t have insurance or would like to explore a better plan right for you, find out if you’re one of the 70% eligible for low or no cost coverage by checking out this health plan service.

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How To Remove Skin Tags That Hurt

The first three methods for removing skin tags are performed by a dermatologist. The 4th one is how to remove a skin tag naturally at home. Disclaimer: Always consult with a doctor prior to removing any skin tags. A dermatologist will consider which method is best for removing your skin tags. Typically, the method chosen depends on the location, size and amount of skin tags.

Freezing: This method involves spraying your skin tag with a freeze spray. The spray is liquid nitrogen which is about 320 degrees below zero. The extreme cold will kill your skin tag causing it to fall off a few days to a week later.

Surgically Remove: The dermatologist will first numb your skin tag with an injection. The doctor will then use a scalpel or surgical scissors to cut the skin tag off. Depending on the size of the cut, a stitch or two might be needed to stop the bleeding and allow it to heal.

Cauterization: This method is when the doctor burns off your skin tag using a cautery tool. The doctor will pull the skin tag away from the base of your skin with tweezers exposing where the skin tag connects to your skin. The cautery tool is then used to cut off your skin tag. The heat from the tool can be used to stop the bleeding.

Naturally At Home: The most common method for removing skin tags at home is using the tying off method. This involves using dental floss or a thin string tied around the base of the skin tag. This cuts off the blood flow to the skin tag causing it to die and fall off. I explain this method in full detail with photos and precautions in my free skin tag ebook. You can get the PDF download instantly in this same website by clicking right here.

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